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    No Pants – Consulting World Rocked

    Written By:  Josh Matthews

    Are You Wearing The Pants?

    Men’s business fashion has always been slow to change.“, says corporate homebody and Salesforce Headhunter, Josh Matthews. Ties have been on the way out for years, even affecting certain financial and management consulting institutions on the eastern seaboard. But there’s a more unsettling trend. People not wearing pants.

    As a possessor of both a dad-bod and a closet of unused suits, he agreed to answer a few questions to shed light on this drafty situation.

    When was the last time you saw a client’s pants?

    “It’s been a while. That would have been at Dreamforce 19. I don’t know if any of them are wearing pants now. All I can see is their upper body. Sometimes, if they’re older, I can only see from their nose up.”

    Do you wear pants?

    “I do. I wear pants or shorts every day. It’s part of my commitment to my clients and candidates. As the Salesforce Recruiter, they rely on to help them grow the best teams imaginable. Wearing pants gives them the confidence they need to entrust me with helping promote and accelerate their careers. My 12-month guarantee, the best in the industry, includes complimentary wearing of the pants during all calls, conferences, and meetings. To help them feel comfortable, I never ask if they are wearing pants. It’s something they really appreciate.”

    Men’s Warehouse has reported a significant increase in pant-less suit sets. Would you buy a pant-less suit set?

    “No. I wouldn’t, and I think you made up pant-less suit set. It doesn’t make any sense.”

    Matthews further said the spike in remote working and use of Zoom will reduce once the majority of the Covid lockdown is over, but not to pre-pandemic levels.

    Do you wear pants? Let us know in the comments.