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The Higher-Talent

The 7-step Higher-Talent Solution
is how I help CIOs,

 IT executives, sales leaders, and talent acquisition professionals attract, hire, and retain candidates from among the top 10% of salespeople in the United States. It opens the door to engaging with 98% of the Salesforce market—not just the 18% that are actively job hunting at any one time.

To help you achieve the best success:

  • We bulletproof your interview process with a 5-part assessment designed to remove the risks from your hiring decision.
  • We map the entire market and hone in on the top 10% that out-perform all other employees.
  • We engage them with a compelling message about you, your team, and your vision.
  • We deliver that message using a proprietary 24/7/365 automated inbound and outbound messaging campaign, highlighting your unique opportunity for prospects with the experience and abilities you need.
  • And we back it all up with the best guarantee in the industry. One Full Year!



Together, we clarify your Employer Value Proposition, and interview your internal top- performers to determine your DNA “Distinguishing Non-Negotiable Attributes.” Based on these, we create your unique Scorecard to standardize candidate evaluations for accurate results. We then help you articulate a Performance Outline that sets your new top producers first-year expectations.



Most top producers are happy in their roles and not actively looking for a new employer. The Talent Map paves access to this market that holds 90% of the top achievement-oriented Salesforce professionals by utilizing an automated, cutting-edge, talent-mapping process that continually generates leads right up to your new employees’ start date.



We power up your beacon by developing an engaging job invitation and automating a recruitment campaign that leverages LinkedIn ads, email campaigns, cold-calls, and even Facebook ads and personalized videos. This campaign does not stop until the right candidate becomes your new employee.



Our 5-stage filter is designed to de-risk your hire by removing the bottom 81% poor or average hires from candidacy.

  1. Executive recruiter interview
  2. Social Media review
  3. Personality Match Scan
  4. Recorded video interviews
  5. References



We help you design a structured interview process using a scorecard to determine candidate DNA and competencies while eliminating miss-hire practices such as “gut-feel” and other unreliable predictors of an employee’s success. We also help prepare working interviews unique to your Salesforce environment to add extra security to your hiring process.



The critical period that occurs just before presenting an offer through to their first day of work. Counter offers, competitor offers and loss of family support or personal interest can derail your hiring progress. We remain vigilant to any signs of risk and continue the engagement campaign until your hired hero’s start date.



The first three months are critical for retention success. We ensure an on-boarding process that confirms your top performer made a winning move when joining your team. We complete 30- day, 90-day, 180-days and 1-year performance reviews that benchmark against your DNA and Performance Outline, all backed by our 1-Year Guarantee.

Effective Salesforce recruitment doesn’t have to be painful, and you don’t have to go it alone.

The Salesforce Recruiter, Founder and President of Endeavor Staffing.

If you’re ready to talk more about how my 7-step Higher-Talent Solution plan can help improve the trajectory of your company,

Click Here to schedule an appointment.

If you’re ready to talk more about how my 7-step Higher-Talent Solution plan can help improve the trajectory of your company,

Click Here to schedule an appointment.

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