Connect, Collaborate, Contribute and Expand your Salesforce career.

After many requests during The Salesforce Career Show, the podcast hosts created this directory of resources to help you hire, get hired, and soar higher in your Salesforce career.


Talent Stacker has helped 20,000+ individuals jump-start their Salesforce careers. What’s in your talent stack?

Tech Forward

A nonprofit exposing marginalized communities to cloud and SaaS to help enhance job prospects and career paths.

PepUp Tech

A nonprofit working to empower individuals in underserved communities through access to education in computer science and technology.


A 6-month path to Certified Cloud Consultant or Developer, elevating market value and empowering IT role candidates.


A website fostering career development through Salesforce Training and Certification Preparation.

Gearset Launchpad

A leading Salesforce DevOps tool streamlining app development and deployment, making it as simple as other Salesforce processes.

Kaelan Moss - MinuteAdmin

Empowering Marketing Cloud enthusiasts with straightforward, real-world learning, saving time and boosting careers on their terms.

Ohana Slack

24/7 workspace connecting you to the Salesforce community for real-time help. Dedicated channels for every Salesforce product available.

Wizards of Ops

A community full of the smartest, most helpful people in the operations world.

The Salesforce Professionals Twitter Community

A thriving Twitter hub where Salesforce pros unite, sharing insights, knowledge, and the latest in Salesforce, fostering an informed community.

SF Trailblazer Twitter Community

A vibrant Twitter enclave where Salesforce Trailblazers share, learn, and engage on all things Salesforce, fostering a dynamic online community.

Jordan Nelson

A Senior Salesforce Admin with expertise in building orgs for tech giants. Content creator, and newsletter publisher empowering your career.

Salesforce Break

Salesforce Made Easy. A Youtube channel dedicated to Salesforce Training.

Salesforce Ben

The go-to site for career-driven Salesforce pros. Trusted, engaging content to keep updated on Salesforce news, guides, and tutorials.

Some Magic Nuggets

The newsletter that makes you smarter about your Salesforce career.

The Salesforce Recruiter Blog

TheSalesforceRecruiter.com is a comprehensive resource for individuals looking to jumpstart their careers in Salesforce or make a change within the

sfdc99 (David Liu)

Salesforce coding lessons for the 99%. Apex tutorials for point-and-click admins! Written by a self-taught Google engineer.

Purposeful Architect

Motivating insights for Business Analysts and Architects developing solutions on Salesforce.

Apex Hours

Helps Salesforce experts across the globe share their expertise in various arenas with an intent to help the Ohana thrive!


Dedicated to helping people who are barely getting into the industry land their first/next job in Tech!


Insights and advice to help you hire, get hired and soar higher in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce for Everyone

The one-stop free resource to help you land your first Salesforce job even without a college degree or tech experience.

Salesforce Admins

Official hub for Salesforce Admins to learn and share no-fluff content, resources, and events. By Admins, for Admins.

Francis Pindar

Video content for sharing Salesforce tips and tricks, relevant news, updates and more.

Resource Hero

Empowering sales, service, and delivery teams with resource management and time tracking tools for seamless work progress.


Official Salesforce Trailhead: Skill up for the future. Learn in-demand skills, earn credentials, and join the Trailblazer community.

Ladies be Architects

A volunteer group empowering aspiring Salesforce architects, amplifying voices, and fostering gender balance in technical architecture.

David Nava

Helps Salesforce aspirants in navigating the ecosystem, networking, branding, and role exploration for career success.

Coding With The Force

This channel exists to provide the Salesforce ecosystem an alternative way to learn the platform for free.

Ike Wagh

Leveraging cutting-edge AI and other tools to push the limits on engaging Salesforce content. Enjoy!

Salesforce Automation Hour

Publishing weekly videos about all things automation to help users get the most out of the CRM platform. Topics range

Trailblazing Together by @MCLearningCamp

A guide to help the community to level up in their careers and prepare for the certification exams.

Jonathan Fox

Helping achieve everything you need to know about the Salesforce ecosystem.

Terry\'s Tidbits

Salesforce MVP holding 15 certs, Terry creates resources to help with Salesforce certifications exams, offering quick tidbits, and best practices.

Salesforce Releases

Your one stop shop for all videos and demos relating to new Salesforce innovations.


Brian, the Salesforce Wizard, became MVP in the Winter ’13 release. He developed The Wizard News for Admins, Developers, and

Salesforce Architecture Talk

For Salesforce Professionals, covering architecture, design, best practices, and CTA prep for everybody who is on the journey to learn

Salesforce Campfire Stories

A podcast for sharing stories of Salesforce Trailblazers with hosts @C_Estevez3 & @MelissaHillDees.

Salesforce Posse

Talking with influencers to gain a better understanding of how to excel in the Salesforce Admin or Developer to an

Salesforce Developer Podcast

Tune in for short, insightful stories for developers from developers.

Cheryl Feldman

A seasoned Salesforce professional with a rich history of successful project deliveries. Her deep-rooted expertise shines through her LinkedIn profile,

Pardashians Slack

A community where Marketing Cloud users can grow their skills: ask for help, show off cool things they\'ve built, and

Salesforce UX Medium Blog

Discover how you can use design to help your users and your company be more successful. The future of business

Clicked Salesforce

Live learning experiences to introduce you to Salesforce careers, develop new employable skills, and create projects to share as a

Elements Academy

A newly established specialist provision in Rotherham, supporting KS2 to KS4 students with SEMH needs.

ZenHao Academy

Training to close the gap between knowing the product and software, to a professional who knows how to apply it,


An online haven offering tailored education and professional growth. Utilizing artificial intelligence and data science, it helps pinpoint individual strengths,


Supports veterans preparing for their next mission through training, mentorship and job readiness for Salesforce cloud technology careers.

Salesforce Architects

An overview where the underlying architecture of the SF Platform creates a key consideration for the architectures of solutions built

Salesforce Discord Community

We\'re a small but active community, connected every day on Discord. Join us for the Salesforce discussions, stay for the

The Salesforce Career Show Podcast

Dedicated to helping you HIRE, GET HIRED and SOAR HIGHER in the SALESFORCE ecosystem

Shea Consulting

Offers resources for businesses including white papers, articles, and webinars on leadership, culture, and organizational change.

Ohana Slack Architects

A collaborative space where architects within the Salesforce Ohana convene, exchange insights, and tackle challenges. It\'s a nexus for both

The Consultants Show - Sales, Scale & Growth for Cloud Consulting Entreprenuers

Packed with practical sales strategies to scale your Cloud Consulting Business.

JsunnyZ\'s Salesforce Career Navigator

For those interested in Salesforce careers, but don\'t know how to get there. Making your destination & journey as

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