Connect, Collaborate, Contribute and Expand your Salesforce career.

After many requests during The Salesforce Career Show, my co-host Vanessa Grant and I collated this directory of Salesforce channels, academies, training resources, newsletters, blogs, and videos to help you hire, get hired, and soar higher in your Salesforce career.


A company that provides salesforce career development programs and offers training, to landing a salesforce job within 6 months.

Visit:  talentstacker.com


Tech Forward is a nonprofit that introduces marginalized communities to cloud and SAAS technologies, helping them pursue more lucrative job

Visit:  tech-forward.org

PepUp Tech

PepUp Tech

Visit:  pepuptech.org


A non-profit organization dedicated Salesforce Training & Recruitment platform for the development and empowerment of the Black, Ethnic Minority Community

Visit:  blackforce.ca


Offers Salesforce Training and prepares clients for Salesforce Certification

Visit:  focusonforce.com

Gearset Launchpad

Offers Salesforce integration to it\'s clients

Visit:  gearset.com

Kaelan Moss - MinuteAdmin

Offers Salesforce Marketing Cloud training courses.

Visit:  minuteadmin.com

Ohana Slack

Salesforce Slack workplace founded in 2019 that provides real-tie interaction among Salesforce professionals. Has dedicated channel for every Salesforce product

Visit:  slofile.com

Wizard of Ops Slack

Started with a small group of friends that has grown into a global community with almost 4,000 members. Built for

Visit:  wizops.org

The Salesforce Professionals Twitter Community

Visit:  twitter.com

SF Trailblazer Twitter Community

Visit:  twitter.com

Jordan Nelson

Provides Introduction to Salesforce Courses, 1 on 1 coaching session, and newsletter about salesforce.

Visit:  jordanqnelson.me

Salesforce Break

Salesforce Break

Visit:  salesforcebreak.com

Salesforce Ben

Founded in 2014 to create a community of professionals who have something to share about Salesforce. On this channel we

Visit:  salesforceben.com

Magic Little Nuggets

A website that provides information on how to negotiate Salesforce compensation, how to handle interviews, how to keep updated in

Visit:  somemagicnuggets.com

The Salesforce Recruiter Blog

TheSalesforceRecruiter.com is a comprehensive resource for individuals looking to jumpstart their careers in Salesforce or make a change within the

Visit:  thesalesforcerecruiter.com

sfdc99 (David Liu)

This channel is a must-visit resource for Salesforce Trailblazer professionals looking for support, knowledge, and inspiration. With multiple accounts based

Visit:  sfdc99.com

Purposeful Architect

Purposeful Architect

Visit:  purposefularchitect.com

Apex Hours

A YouTube channel that helps Salesforce experts across the globe share their expertise in various arenas. A platform to learn

Visit:  apexhours.com


Youtube channel dedicated to helping people who are barely getting into the industry. To help individuals land their first/next job

Visit:  youtube.com


Insights and advice to help you hire, get hired and soar higher in the Salesforce ecosystem.


Salesforce for Everyone

If you\'re looking to get started with Salesforce or take your career to the next level, there are several resources

Visit:  youtube.com

Salesforce Admins

Video content for sharing Salesforce tips and tricks, relevant news, updates and more.

Visit:  youtube.com

Francis Pindar

Video content for sharing Salesforce tips and tricks, relevant news, updates and more.

Visit:  youtube.com

Resource Hero

Run by a military veteran Bill Kuehler his YouTube channel is on a question and answer format about the Salesforce

Visit:  resourceheroapp.com


Video content for sharing Salesforce tips and tricks, relevant news, updates and more.

Visit:  salesforce.com


Video content for sharing Salesforce tips and tricks, relevant news, updates and more.

Visit:  salesforce.com

Ladies be Architects

The page features links to the most common Salesforce Architect subjects and topics.

Visit:  ladiesbearchitects.com

David Nava

YouTube channel focused on teaching Salesforce and sharing best practices.

Visit:  youtube.com

Coding With The Force

Channel that provides high quality development, administrative and architecture tutorials for the Salesforce platform. Exists to provide the Salesforce ecosystem

Visit:  youtube.com

Ike Wagh

YouTube channel that creates contents for the Salesforce community to enjoy. The channel shares best practices and tutorials and even

Visit:  youtube.com

Salesforce Automation Hour

Channel is on a webinar format that discusses different Salesforce techniques to improve workflow.

Visit:  youtube.com

Trailblazing Together by @MCLearningCamp

This channel is a valuable resource for anyone looking to advance their career in the Salesforce ecosystem. With a focus

Visit:  youtube.com

Jonathan Fox

The purpose of the channel is to help others achieve everything they need to know avout the Salesforce ecosystem.

Visit:  youtube.com

Terry's Tidbits

Terry made his channel to help individuals with Salesforce certifications exams, quick tidbits, and to share best practices.

Visit:  terrystidbits.com

Salesforce Releases

The SalesforceReleases YouTube channel is dedicated to keeping users up to date on the latest developments and updates from the

Visit:  salesforce.com


The Wizardcast is a Salesforce community podcast that features discussions and interviews with experts, thought leaders, and influencers in the

Visit:  thewizardnews.com

Salesforce Architecture Talk


Visit:  apple.com

Salesforce Campfire Stories

Stay up-to-date with the latest tips and tricks for building powerful workflows in Salesforce Flow with a weekly educational newsletter.

Visit:  twitter.com

Salesforce Posse

Podcast that focuses on DevOps often interviewing othe DevOps Professionals sharing experiences and best practices.

Visit:  salesforceposse.com

Salesforce Developer Podcast

A podcast from Salesforce developers for Saleforce developers. The podcast features conversation and interviews with different successful Salesforce individuals sharing

Visit:  salesforce.com

Admin Podcast

A Podcast for People work in the Real world of IT.

Visit:  salesforce.com

Cheryl Feldman

Cheryl Feldman is a professional on LinkedIn with extensive experience in Salesforce. She has a proven track record of delivering

Visit:  linkedin.com

Pardashians Slack

a community where Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) and Marketing Cloud users can grow their skills together. This

Visit:  google.com

Salesforce UX Medium Blog

The Salesforce Design blog covers the tools, practices, and mindsets that help build strong employee, customer, and community relationships in

Visit:  medium.com

Lightning Design System

The Salesforce Lightning Design System includes the resources to create user interfaces consistent with the Salesforce Lightning principles, design language,

Visit:  lightningdesignsystem.com


Salesforce Admin is the official website for Salesforce Administrators. It provides a wealth of information and resources to help users

Visit:  salesforce.com

Clicked Salesforce

Offers IT training courses including Salesforce.

Visit:  clicked.com

Elements Academy

A newly established specialist provision in Rotherham, supporting KS2 to KS4 students with SEMH needs. It is a school, a

Visit:  uk.com

ZenHao Academy

A company that offers masterclass training to Salesforce certified individuals on how to become a more effective Salesforce Consultant or

Visit:  co.uk


Brainiate is an online platform that offers personalized education and professional development. They use artificial intelligence and data science to

Visit:  brainiate.com


The page supports veterans preparing for their next mission through training, mentorship and job readiness for Salesforce cloud technology careers.

Visit:  merivis.org

Military Office Hours

Military Trailblazer Office Hours is a weekly event hosted by Resource Hero, designed to support military service members and veterans

Visit:  resourceheroapp.com

Salesforce Military

Salesforce Military is a Salesforce department for veterans by veterans.

Visit:  force.com

Salesforce Architects

The Salesforce Architecture Basics section on the Salesforce Architect website is an educational resource for individuals who want to learn

Visit:  salesforce.com

Architect Ohana Slack


Visit:  slack.com

Salesforce Discord Community

Visit:  github.io

The Salesforce Career Show Podcast

The podcast dedicated to helping you HIRE, GET HIRED and SOAR HIGHER in the SALESFORCE ecosystem. Enjoy these live recordings

Visit:  buzzsprout.com

Shea Consulting

Shea Consulting offers resources for businesses including white papers, articles, and webinars on leadership, culture, and organizational change.

Visit:  sheaconsulting.biz

Ohana Slack Architects

Visit:  slack.com

The Consultants Show - Sales, Scale & Growth for Cloud Consulting Entreprenuers

The Cloud Consultants Show with Paul Higgins is packed with practical sales strategies to scale your Cloud Consulting Business.

Visit:  spotify.com

JsunnyZ\'s Salesforce Career Navigator

If you\'re interested in Salesforce careers, but don\'t know what you want or how to get there, then dive into


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