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    How Salesforce Flows Can Enhance Your Career and Help Your Business

    Written By:  Josh Matthews

    Do you think the logic behind Salesforce flows is challenging?

    Every business in the world runs on processes and frequently repeated tasks. Salesforce Flows are a tool that if mastered can automate even the most complex processes and save people and businesses time, money, and increase efficiency.

    By leveraging Flows, businesses can save over 500 hours of work a year. Making professionals who know how to master them an extremely valuable asset.

    But, what are Salesforce Flows?

    Flows are a tool to automate convoluted processes. Flows simplify programming by using visual elements instead of traditional code, making it more accessible to those without technical backgrounds.

    With flows, anyone can create programs without the complexities of coding languages.

    These automated processes revolutionize operational efficiency, eliminating the need for labor-intensive manual tasks like data entry and decision-making.

    How long does it take to create one?

    Flows don’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, although, for certain long or complicated tasks, they can and have to be. But even a simple, one-element flow, that takes minutes to set up can save you hundreds of hours of work in the long run.

    No matter who you are, you need to understand Flows

    If you are an admin, familiarity with Flows is crucial to your role as a leader and your responsibility to simplify processes for your team. They can streamline tasks, help to better allocate resources, and overall improve team efficiency.

    If you are an employee, learning Flows can be a huge boost to your career. The importance and demand for experience in building flows have been consistently highlighted in job postings over the past year. It has become as sought-after as understanding AI concepts.

    Spotlighting tangible achievements, like saving hundreds of work hours or enhancing process efficiency in your resume and relevant certifications such as the Platform App Builder can amplify your profile’s impact. Proficiency in this tool can help you become indispensable, stay competitive in your industry, and land better job opportunities.

    How many hours and what level of dedication is needed to develop competency in Flows?

    The amount of time an individual would take to understand Flows can vary depending on their background and personality. People with programming backgrounds or with a knack for intuitive logic are likely to adapt quickly to flow development. Others may need to build logic skills from scratch.

    A practical benchmark could be the time required to prepare for and pass the Salesforce Platform App Builder certification exam, which focuses significantly on automation and logical thinking. This preparation typically takes over 100 hours, possibly up to 200. However, the investment in time is more than worth it!

    Where to learn about Salesforce Flows?

    The most valuable resource for learning flows is Google, as it leads to various websites and YouTube channels offering detailed tutorials. These tutorials often present real-world problems and guide users through building solutions step by step.

    If you want to learn flow development we recommend you check out Jennifer Lee’s YouTube channels, App Builder website, and Automation Champion website.

    Inside the Salesforce ecosystem, Flows are a powerful tool that everybody should understand from admins to team players. If mastered they can make your business hundreds of times more efficient and help you land better job opportunities by becoming more valuable in your industry. While it may take time to dive into the tool, the investment is worth it in the end.

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