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    Specialized Isn’t (Salesforce) Special

    Written By:  Josh Matthews

    If you are in a niche, your Salesforce recruiter should be too!

    “Niche recruiters who specialize in a certain area are often a better choice than a recruiter from a large generalist firm…The will often be a better choice. In addition, you’ll avoid the restrictions or off-limits lists of the big firms”-Jeff Hyman, author of the much-lauded Recruit Rock Stars

    Is your specialist really specialized? 1994 was the birth of both the World Wide Web and specialty technology recruiting with some of the largest staffing firms on the planet. For 25 years, the tech sector roared to its 2019 estimate of 5 trillion-dollars as technology branched off to hundreds of languages, platforms, and systems. Meanwhile, the tech recruiting industry blossomed to 200 billion dollars per year.

    5 years into this boom, the largest firms recognized the need for specialization and segmented infrastructure recruiting from software development and engineering. It took another 10 years to see the slight expansion of some of these firms into technology agnostic ERP and CRM specialization.

    Is there really such a thing as a specialist technical recruiter from a large firm?

    Maybe, but probably not.

    What was once only mainframe, C and C++ now include all flavors of .NET, Java, MS-Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, JDE, backend, frontend, big data, implementation, dev-ops, Marketo, Angular, AI and the list keeps growing.

    Introducing the generalist tech recruiter.

    Big firms rarely turn down an order and their known names often foster a misplaced trust in niche knowledge.  Hiring managers whose careers depend on the teams they build may be left asking themselves “Is this as good as recruitment gets?”. If a business has placed hundreds of the specialists you are looking for, does it matter there were 100 recruiters, in 20 countries, who only did this only once each?

    You betcha!

    Think of it  this way, a vulture is a generalist in the scavenger category. They are prolific and agnostic about what they eats so long as it’s carrion. Meanwhile, a koala bear is truly a specialist. They rely on the specific eucalyptus leaves grown in their unique habitat.

    Next time you’re looking to bring on a critical employee through an agency, save yourself time, improve quality, options, and work with a koala. Salesforce recruitment doesn’t need to be a learning experience for your recruiter, and all those Network Engineers on their database simply won’t matter to the Salesforce network you really need to access.