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    Retain Your Best Employees During Covid-19 Crisis

    Written By:  Josh Matthews

    Are your top performers safe?

    Here are five steps you can take to protect your top performing Salesforce pros.

    The Coronavirus pandemic is inducing stress for almost everyone. Fear of losing ones clients, job, business, getting sick or losing a loved one can be overwhelming. While under stress, no matter how much we care, it’s easy to overlook the needs of our most critical employees.

    Protecting the health of your workforce, is paramount. Protecting the livelihood of your employees and your business comes next. We’ve all heard “In case of loss of cabin pressure, place the oxygen mask on yourself first and your child second.” So too must businesses look after the life of the business first and the employee second. Success is dependent on a variety of factors, including debt, cash and industry. Now, it’s not all bad news. Many of us are at an advantage by operating remote Salesforce work forces. Even so, not all work forces and employees are equal and not everyone will be safe from losing great employees.  Let’s protect them as many as we can, starting with your most critical employees! After all, if you’ve invested in a great Salesforce recruiter to help develop your team, you’ll want to protect your the team, now more than ever.

    1. Identify Your Salesforce Top Performers

    • Who on your team accomplishes more, complains less, has the best ideas and the drive to execute? Chances are, you already know.
    • It’s not only work output or revenue production of your Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Administrators and Account Executives that matter. Some employees are the glue of the office. They’re the reasons top performers stay and ignore other job offers.

    2. Communicate Directly

    • Blanket emails to all staff isn’t enough. One on ones with each employee is just good management. It’s doubly important for your most valued staff.
    • Seek to understand how the pandemic is impacting their lives. Give them a chance to vent and be heard.
    • Top performers have AMAZING ideas. Asking for their input on how to manage clients and other staff should be a no-brainer.

    3. Have a Plan if an Employee Gets Sick

    • Do you have a redundancy plan should one or more of your staff become ill?
    • Who covers for whom?
    • Is there access to all files, plans, and project status?
    • Are team updates more frequent and have you increased documentation requirements?

    4. Get Creative and Negotiate Compensation

    • Will offering furlough to employees save the company?
    • Can we allow full time employees to moonlight to make up for loss of income?
    • Can we keep more top employees by reducing hours?
    • Who do you value who is expensive that would be willing to temporarily accept less income?

    5. Identify Low Performers

    • Identify your low performers and attitude mismatches. Low performers wreak havoc on your leadership career and cause numerous challenges. This could be the time to realign your staff to your goals and values. Again, you likely already know who they are.
    • This does not automatically mean the newest or least expensive employee. You may have hired a 5 out of 5 rock star who is still new and less productive. If they have the right drive, a great attitude and match your company’s values, hang on to them as long as you can.
    • Let the low performers go. Save the business and live to hire another day.
    • Act swiftly. The speed of your decisions may well determine if your team dies, survives or thrives in the new economy.

    For additional strategies to protect your team, schedule a pro-bono strategy call with The Salesforce Recruiter.