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    Protect Your Salesforce Career During Pandemic

    Written By:  Josh Matthews

    Salesforce careers are safer than most, but…

    If you are still working, you’re either very lucky or you’re currently indispensable.

    That’s a good position to be in and one you’ll want to keep. Even so, unless you’re a frontline medical professional or a divorce attorney, there are no guarantees in a market like this.
    The industry and business you work for have already been decided so let’s focus on what you can control.
    Your attitude.

    Don’t complain outside of your family. Complainers, troublemakers, those that cry victim or don’t play the office politics game are at risk. If you’re healthy, and working, even if you’re pay has been reduced, an attitude of gratitude is not just a key to happiness, it just might protect your career. Don’t squeak the wheel.

    Your effort.

    While everyone else is spending remote hours working on their lawn, get inside, log in and get more work done than your colleagues. If you’re a Salesforce leader, set an example of what it will take to deliver to your clients and support the business. If you’re a producer – produce more and with better quality.

    Your communication. 

    Specifically, keeping everyone appraised of your work, projects, business health – whatever it is, without needing to be asked. We all have  boss. If you’re the business owner, it’s your clients, if you’re the CEO, it’s your board or the needs of your employees. Giving your management team regular insight into what you are accomplishing will ensure your achievements are not going unnoticed. This is greasing the wheel.

    Your hero status.

    When the world is hurting, we all need to chip in. You and I aren’t on the front lines, but we can help support them and those that are suffering most. Donating blood, giving to those less fortunate like Blessings in a Backpack which feeds hungry school kids, or sewing masks like my wife Rebecca, are all great ways to show your support for others.

    I know. Pretty straightforward stuff, right? Under times of stress and turmoil, it’s nice to get a reminder now and then. If you like this content and want to see more, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel JoshForce.

    Have something to add? Be sure to leave a comment and stay safe out there.