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    How To Keep Your Salesforce Job – Who Makes The Firing Decisions?

    Written By:  Josh Matthews

    Tips that will help you keep your salesforce job

    The pandemic has severely damaged the world economy and job security has been thrown out the window

    As a Salesforce recruiter, my advice to those with a job they like (or love) is to hang on to the job for as long as possible. Obviously, in the economic downturn, this is easier said than done, but I have a few tips that can help you keep the job you have, reduce your risk of being laid off and ensure stability.

    Here is my advice

    There are three sections to surviving the current economy.

    1. Save money:

    The first and foremost thing to do is to be prepared for the loss of the job. No matter how valuable you believe you are, there is always a chance your employer might let you go. So, save as much cash as possible so you are prepared if that happens.

    I understand that not everyone has the luxury of saving money, but try to find ways to cut down on costs. Many are researching mortgage refinance, selling cars with high payments for an affordable vehicle you can own outright and mowing your own lawn are good places to start.

    2. Tips on keeping the job

    The second step when facing a recession for Salesforce professionals is to do everything you can to secure the job you have.

    Always keep in touch with the senior leadership. Comment on their LinkedIn posts, wish them a happy birthday, and make sure they know who you are and what you do in the company.

    The more people that talk about you positively, the chances of retaining your job increase significantly.

    Working hard and putting out great work is always a plus for your reputation in any economy. However, exceptional performance might not be enough. Your work needs to be in the limelight to let the higher-ups know you are crucial to the organizations success.

    Often, the person deciding who gets to keep their job is someone you don’t even report to. It can be your boss’s boss or someone even higher up the ladder. It is therefore essential to have a good reputation with all levels in your company, especially upper management.

    3. Be prepared to switch jobs.

    Lastly, be prepared to look for a job in case you lose your job. Dial in your LinkedIn profile and resume (See this video for how)  and keep your eyes open for new job opportunities.

    I also have a video on my YouTube channel on the topic of how to keep your salesforce job. Click the link for more tips and suggestions on how to protect your career during the Covid crisis.


    If you’re already working, don’t start looking for a new job until you’ve invested in your finances, internal network, resume and LinkedIn profile.