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    How To Have a Good Video Interview and Avoid Common Mistakes

    Written By:  Josh Matthews

    Video interviews are filled with technical and behavioral pitfalls that must be managed and overcome to ensure a job offer. All of your interview preparation may be for nothing if you don’t succeed in avoiding the most common video interview mistakes I see professionals make almost every day of the week.

    In this video, we focus on two categories of video interview tips:

    1. Simple steps to improve your lighting, visibility, and framing

    2. 6 of the most treacherous behavioral mistakes that cost great candidates career opportunities and how to avoid them.

    For a detailed and comprehensive Video Interview Practice Guide that includes:

    – Managing Distractions

    – One Way Interviews

    – Audio and Video Tech

    – Platforms

    – My Personal Set Up and, and more, visit: How to Have a Good Video Interview and Avoid Mistakes