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    Entry Level – Salesforce Career Advice

    Written By:  Josh Matthews

    I’m often asked by entry-level candidates “How can I gain real-world Salesforce experience?”. Whether you’ve just started your Trailhead or just completed your first certification, check out this list of steps, tips, and resources to help you achieve your goal of employment within the Salesforce ecosystem.

    1. Get in the playground and play. 

    Practice daily! You must improve your skill and efficiency. Remember the 10,000-hour rule. It takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. Start getting yours in now. 

    2. Don’t stop learning.

    I recently placed a Junior Salesforce Administrator who had zero real org experience, but she did have 150 badges. It’s the drive to learn that impressed the employer, along with the extra skill. Badges help.  

    3. Build your LinkedIn profile. 

    If you don’t absolutely love your profile, chances are others won’t either. 
    For help getting started, check out this article: 31 Best LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers 

    4. Build your LinkedIn connections. 

    Identify employers in your area who use Salesforce (look at job postings). Invite appropriate managers from those firms to join your network. Stay in touch, but don’t annoy them with too many communications or asking for a job. Instead, let them know you’re excited about your new career and offer to help.

    5. Read this great article from a Salesforce insider:

    Get Salesforce Experience 

    6. Make sure you can touch type.

    Efficiency will accelerate your opportunities and compensation. This is often overlooked for those transitioning into technology. If you can’t touch type as fast as you can talk, there are free lessons on No looking! 

    7. Answer these questions.

    • What are you committed to accomplishing in the next 90 days? 
    • How much time per week are you committed to investing?
    • What user groups and online communities will you join?
    • Will you invest in your resume and LI profile?
    • How many badges or certifications will you complete?
    • How many jobs will you apply to?
    • How many connections are you committed to making?
    • What non-technical skills do you have that ensure you will be a terrific employee? (interdepartmental communications, customer support, an upbeat attitude, highly organized, etc.)

    8. Make a plan.

    Plot your activities in your calendar and execute.

    Pro Tip: 

    Studies show you are more likely to complete what you set out to do if you are accountable to others. Consider forming a group of 2-3 peers with weekly check-ins to keep the motivation and drive up.  

    Pro Tip: 

    Studies also show you are more likely to complete a goal if you focus on and complete one goal at a time. Think of each goal as a ladder rung. Skipping rungs increases your chance of falling off the ladder.

    You’ve made an exceptional and timely career decision. While it’s not often we are engaged for junior level placements, I hope someday we can be a help to you as you grow your career and expertise. Now, here’s a chance for you to help others…

    What’s the best tip you know of? Share in the comments!