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Pop quiz: What are the odds that your next hire will turn out to be a mis-hire within 12-18 months?

I bet you aren’t going to like the answer. Roughly speaking, your odds are 50/50. You might as well just flip a coin. And even if the hire does last, chances are they’ll be an average employee at best. If that’s hard to believe, I brought the numbers to back it up.
Hiring Salesforce Developer

According to a recent study by Leadership IQ,

46% of all hires fail within 18 months. Worse still, only 19% of those that stick around can be considered a true success in that same time period. The massive three-year study examined 20,000 employees, 5214 managers and 312 organizations.

These mis-hires wreak havoc on your teams’ ability to meet deadlines and produce quality results. They’re devastating to the once-promising careers of those who hire them. Consider this: the potential cost of a single mis-hire can be up to 15 times the cost of annual salary.

That’s why I’m here. As the Salesforce Recruiter, it’s my job to help you attract, hire, and retain employees from the top 10% of Salesforce talent.

And, we back it all up with our industry leading 1-year guarantee.

By de-risking your hiring, you’ll be giving your own career both protection and the rocket fuel it needs for long term success. So, are you ready to put the coin back in your pocket and stop gambling with your career?