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Most hiring systems aren’t designed to
attract top-performers.

Traditional Recruitment model is designed to fill vacancies.  

Right now, there are more than 100,000 job postings for Salesforce professionals on LinkedIn—and 5000 were added just today.  Contingency recruiters can only fill one out of every ten job-orders they write, and they compete with multiple agencies for most of those. While removing that competition improves the fill rate to one out of two jobs, most screening strategies do not de-risk the hiring process.

Salesforce Staffing Agencies

Because of the fierce competition over scarce options,recruiters have to snatch up candidates as fast as they can. To do that, they reach for the low-hanging fruit on the job boards or email blast their databases (primarily taken from those same job boards).

Unfortunately, that only accounts for 18% of the available Salesforce market—and only a tiny fraction of top performers. Can you blame them?

Low hanging fruit = speed = more transactions = success…for them. It’s in their best interest to present candidates as fast as they can so they can accrue “candidate credit.” 

The problem is, it isn’t so great for the companies
hiring subpar candidates.

It’s not the fault of the contingency recruiters. It isn’t the fault of their employers. It’s the Recruitment model.

The model gives no incentive for recruiters to engage with 90% of all top performers. In fact, it rewards them for not going the extra mile (or ten) necessary to de-risk the hiring process and get the very best candidates they can for their clients.

Not only does the traditional approach rely on debunked methods for predicting success, but clients ply these harmful methodologies without a word of caution from the “experts.”

It’s a mess.

The Problem & the Damage

When presenting candidates, most recruiters have no reason to be transparent about candidate sources. As a result, you have no reason to be confident they conducted a comprehensive search process to find the best candidate for the job.


Almost all recruiting firms draw prospects exclusively from the Active Candidate market—only 18% of the total market. They typically go about this using three methods:

The Solution

All of this is why I reject the traditional model entirely. Instead, I’ve spent years of professional experience in technical recruiting developing and honing a better one. Every day, I use it to connect my clients with the 10% of top Salesforce professionals and help streamline their hiring process.

I can do the same for you. Just click to schedule a call or to learn more.