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Are You Wearing The Pants?

Men’s business fashion has always been slow to change.“, says corporate homebody and Salesforce Headhunter, Josh Matthews. Ties have been on the way out for years, even affecting certain financial and management consulting institutions on the eastern seaboard. But there’s a more unsettling trend. People not wearing pants.


As a possessor of both a dad-bod and a closet of unused suits, he agreed to answer a few questions to shed light on this drafty situation.


When was the last time you saw a client’s pants?

“It’s been a while. That would have been at Dreamforce 19. I don’t know if any of them are wearing pants now. All I can see is their upper body. Sometimes, if they’re older, I can only see from their nose up.”


Do you wear pants?

“I do. I wear pants or shorts every day. It’s part of my commitment to my clients and candidates. As the Salesforce Recruiter, they rely on to help them grow the best teams imaginable. Wearing pants gives them the confidence they need to entrust me with helping promote and accelerate their careers. My 12-month guarantee, the best in the industry, includes complimentary wearing of the pants during all calls, conferences, and meetings. To help them feel comfortable, I never ask if they are wearing pants. It’s something they really appreciate.”


Men’s Warehouse has reported a significant increase in pant-less suit sets. Would you buy a pant-less suit set?

“No. I wouldn’t, and I think you made up pant-less suit set. It doesn’t make any sense.” 


Matthews further said the spike in remote working and use of Zoom will reduce once the majority of the Covid lockdown is over, but not to pre-pandemic levels. 


Do you wear pants? Let us know in the comments. 

I Lost My Job! PART TWO

I Lost My Job! What am I going to do? Steps 4, 5 and 6

If you’ve recently lost your job, spent time grieving and taken care of your immediate mental and physical needs Video PART 1, then it’s time to get back to work. Arming yourself with a compelling, easy to read resume and inviting LinkedIn profile will be covered, but we’ll start with the most important step, how to obtain the information you’ll need for both. 

I strongly recommend clicking the video above for a more detailed and entertaining lesson on how to ready yourself for the Salesforce Job market.

STEP 4 – Understand Your Successes and Shortcomings

Most resumes look like a calendar and a bunch of job descriptions had a baby. Not good! Compelling Salesforce resumes and LinkedIn Profiles are accomplishment focused, meaning they state how ones work affected the overall business. They are rife with results and outcomes, are easy to read and highlight your specific successes and characteristics.

There are three ways to understand your successes and shortcomings. Here they are in order of credibility.

 – Guess. This is a last resort when all resources and research has failed. Not recommended, but it’s better than wheeling out your dusty old document.

– Review past performance reviews and management coaching sessions, including quarterly, or annual 360 reviews. These can be a great source of information for adjectives that convey your work style, reliability, diligence, efficiency, technical competency and so on. 

– Contact your more recent managers and team leads. The absolute best and most credible way to obtain information on what your real value was to the company and a deeper understanding of what you need to work on. Imagine you’re in an interview and you’re asked “What will your references say about you?”. When you pipe up and share “My boss and I just connected last week. I’d reached out so I could understand how I should be applying myself while off of work to become an even more valuable employee. They shared I sometimes stick to a problem before asking for help a little longer than I should. They also said I was one of most reliable and conscientious Salesforce developers they’d ever worked with and I’d be their first call if they need to build a team again.” 
Powerful stuff….if it’s true!

Be sure to press them for honest information that you can really use. Managers who simply provide lip service or tell you what they think you want to hear are useless. Hold them accountable to the truth so you can learn, grow and validate your best qualities.

Step 5 – Update your Salesforce Resume

Most people have average resumes. Get yours into A shape by starting with the tips covered in the video.

Step 6 – Update your LinkedIn Profile  

Watch the video to learn how a few basic tweaks to your profile can help you in the job hunt

The Cost of a Smile

Salesforce Staffing Firms

People like people who smile. If you don’t smile, you’re less likable. That’s the short version for you busy people.

Some time back,  I interviewed a great candidate but I couldn’t submit him to any of my clients. He just didn’t smile enough.

Even when he was talking about something that excited him, he kept a poker face. What does it convey to your potential employer when you don’t back up your words with emotion? Insincerity and insecurity. Not at the top of the list of most desirable qualities in a new employee. My candidate was a solid guy though and he wanted the truth, took the advice well and then told me he didn’t like his teeth. He’s embarrassed by them. Teeth don’t win friends and influence people, smiles most certainly do. One of the most successful salespeople I ever knew was frequently described as having, well, let’s just say “less than desirable teeth” by his peers. He outsold all of them partly because he out-smiled all of them.

For those who don’t smile enough, here is a simple exercise that can and literally has changed lives.

  • Find a busy place (mall, airport, downtown sidewalk, etc.).
  • Walk around and smile at as many people as you possibly can. Count the smiles returned, they will far outnumber the other faces combined.
  • When you get to 20 smiles celebrate your mastering a great technique.

Next time you’re going for an important Salesforce interview, have a big presentation to give or you simply want a pick-me-up, leave the poker face at home. Instead, hit the street for a quick 10 smiles. You’ll be amazed how quickly the world shares with you what has always been there, all for the low cost of a grin.