Protect Your Salesforce Career During Pandemic

Salesforce careers are safer than most, but… If you are still working, you’re either very lucky or you’re currently indispensable. That’s a good position to be in and one you’ll
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Three Things To Know If Your Salesforce Recruiting Budget Gets Cut

Three things to know if your Salesforce recruiting budget gets cut. When the economy is being crippled, hiring declines, Salesforce headhunters disappear (not me) and you might even lose your
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Retain Your Best Employees During Covid-19 Crisis

Are your top performers safe? Here are five steps you can take to protect your top performing Salesforce pros. The Coronavirus pandemic is inducing stress for almost everyone. Fear of
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The #1 Question To Ask Your Future Employer

The facts are in. Most managers don’t do much better in selecting for long term success than 1 out of 2. Those numbers are abysmal and often wreak havoc on Salesforce careers. But, is it only the hiring managers' fault?
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The Best Interview Question Ever!

The Question: “Imagine all the people who love and care about you are locked in a room. Their only way out is to agree on the number one thing that,
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Entry Level – Salesforce Career Advice

I’m often asked by entry-level candidates “How can I gain real-world Salesforce experience?”. Whether you’ve just started your Trailhead or just completed your first certification, check out this list of
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5 Steps To Increase Offer Acceptance

Did you know people who are satisfied with their candidate experience are 38% more likely to accept a job offer? Losing a candidate after extending an offer can be crushing,
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Independence and Mental Health

Independence day is one of my favorite holidays, second only to Interdependence Day, AKA Thanksgiving. When we wipe off the make-up of BBQ’s and fireworks, we might remember a moment
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Specialized Isn’t (Salesforce) Special

If you are in a niche, your Salesforce recruiter should be too! “Niche recruiters who specialize in a certain area are often a better choice than a recruiter from a
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How to Work With Recruiters

Working with a recruiter could be one of the best career decisions you’ve ever made. It can also be a serious waste of time and lead to disappointment and even
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Resumes and Golf Swings

Resumes are like your golf swing. Everyone has an opinion and a suggestion that can make it better. The trouble is, if you take everyone’s advice you wind up with
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Ask. Ask. Ask.

ASK. ASK. ASK. When we don’t ask for anything, we usually get anything but what we wanted. It’s the same as saying “If you don’t know where you are going,
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The Cost of a Smile

People like people who smile. If you don’t smile, you’re less likable. That’s the short version for you busy people. Some time back,  I interviewed a great candidate but I
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